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College of Engineering news

Juliana Pacheco Duarte with undergrads Briunna Smith and Aria Murphy in the lab
August 4, 2023

Among nation’s elite, Duarte eyes machine learning to improve nuclear safety

Juliana Pacheco Duarte, an assistant professor in the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics at UW-Madison, has received a U.S. Department of Energy distinguished early career program award. Duarte…

Members of ARC Lab test drone
May 24, 2023

With NSF CAREER Award, Xiangru Xu aims to improve safety of autonomous systems

Despite years of development, truly autonomous technologies such as self-driving vehicles and delivery drones continue to remain elusive, largely due to safety and reliability concerns. Meanwhile, thanks to advances in…

February 27, 2023

Vinayak will use CAREER Award to make machine learning models learn from diverse data

Even though you may not entirely realize it, artificial intelligence has a huge influence on our lives. The AI subfield of machine learning, in which computers learn from data, underlies…

Jun Xiao working in his lab
February 17, 2023

Jun Xiao will use CAREER Award to design new types of 2D materials

Materials development is the foundation for many technology innovations. Often, when one material is integrated with another, new properties and functionalities can emerge. That’s the case with 2D quantum materials…

Graduate student Jinuan Lin and Assistant Professor Chu Ma working in the lab
February 14, 2023

Chu Ma will use NSF CAREER Award to take a deeper look at acoustic imaging

Acoustic imaging has revolutionized medicine over the last few decades; anyone who has had an ultrasound to examine a baby in utero, check an organ or look at a bone…

Beichen Liu, Wenxiao Guo and Matthew Gebbie in the lab
February 10, 2023

Gebbie’s CAREER Award is catalyst for electrochemical CO2 recycling

Getting to net-zero carbon emissions is going to take all sorts of tactics, including switching to renewable energy and finding new methods of carbon sequestration, or collecting and preventing carbon…

Jiamian Hu
February 3, 2023

With NSF CAREER Award, Jiamian Hu will transform materials in a trillionth of a second

For more than a decade, Jiamian Hu has used computer models to predict and understand the microstructure of materials as they form and grow. While they are difficult to see…

Marcel Schreier working in the lab with student Alex Zielinski
October 18, 2022

Chemical Engineering Assistant Professor Marcel Schreier wins prestigious Packard Fellowship

Marcel Schreier, the Richard H. Soit Assistant Professor in chemical and biological engineering and affiliate faculty in chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who develops electrocatalytic pathways to transform chemicals…

Bhuvana Krishnaswamy
May 19, 2022

Advanced sensor networks could help farmers micromanage their fields

In the future, farmers will be able to look at a tablet and see the nutrient, CO2 and moisture levels of every individual acre in their fields in real time….

March 2, 2022

With NSF CAREER Award, Dominic Gross will improve renewable energy grid integration

Renewable energy is ramping up in a big way, with solar and wind power grabbing a larger and larger share of the electricity market each year. That is great news…