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College of Engineering news

Bhuvana Krishnaswamy

Advanced sensor networks could help farmers micromanage their fields

In the future, farmers will be able to look at a tablet and see the nutrient, CO2 and moisture levels of every individual acre in their fields in real time….


With NSF CAREER Award, Dominic Gross will improve renewable energy grid integration

Renewable energy is ramping up in a big way, with solar and wind power grabbing a larger and larger share of the electricity market each year. That is great news…


Dawei Feng receives NSF CAREER Award to create new metal-organic hybrid materials

Dawei Feng, the Y. Austin Chang Assistant Professor in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has spent the last decade investigating metal-organic materials, or…

Photo of Pavana Prabhakar

Drying out: Prabhakar receives NSF CAREER Award to study moisture’s impact on polymer composites

Fiber-reinforced polymer composites are used in countless facets of everyday life, from the vehicles we travel in to the infrastructure in the world around us. Pavana Prabhakar is seeking ways…


Roald to use NSF CAREER Award to optimize risk mitigation in electric distribution grids

The resilience of the power grid has been in the news a lot in recent years: Transmission equipment, for example, sparked some of the largest fires in California history in…


NSF CAREER Award will help Thompson build a better calorimeter

In nanoscale devices—such as the nanometer-sized transistors that make up computer microprocessors—tiny heat currents can have a big effect on those devices’ performance. To measure heat currents, researchers use a…


NSF CAREER Award will help Joshua San Miguel build hardware and software tools to make the smart future a reality

Almost any vision of the near future includes the proliferation of smart devices; smart sensors and processors will be enmeshed in our clothes, hidden in jewelry and even in body…


Van Lehn receives NSF CAREER Award to study nanoparticle properties for efficient cell entry

Many of the most promising new treatments in medicine involve nanoparticles, or microscopic shells that can deliver finely targeted doses of drugs or other therapeutic molecules to various parts of…


McClean to use NSF CAREER Award to explore nongenetic heterogeneity in microbes

Genetic mutations, as the rise of SARS-CoV-2 variants is currently demonstrating, can cause major ripple effects, making a virus more infectious or resistant to drugs. To devise strategies to counter…


Hicks receives NSF CAREER Award to study aquaponics environmental impacts

Closed-loop production systems offer farmers an efficient method for growing food and produce while significantly reducing the waste associated with traditional methods. In Wisconsin, heated aquaponics systems allow producers to…