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Pascale Carayon
February 7, 2024

Carayon earns NAE election

Written By: Tom Ziemer

Focus Areas:

The National Academy of Engineering has elected Pascale Carayon, professor emerita of industrial and systems engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as one of its new members.

Carayon, who retired from UW-Madison in 2021 after a 30-year tenure during which she built a reputation as an internationally renowned expert in applying human factors to the healthcare system, is one of 135 new members of the NAE’s 2024 class.

NAE membership is one of the highest honors for engineers, reserved for those who have made significant contributions to engineering research, practice or education.

Carayon, who along with Professor Emeritus Michael J. Smith developed the influential Systems Engineering Initiative for Patient Safety (SEIPS) model for analyzing healthcare systems, is also a lifetime National Associate of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

Stephen Wright, the George B. Dantzig Professor of Computer Sciences at UW-Madison and an affiliate faculty member of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, is also among the new members, as is alumnus Robert Prud’homme (PhDCBE ’78), professor emeritus of chemical and biological engineering at Princeton.

They will be inducted during the NAE’s annual meeting September 29, 2024.