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College of Engineering news

Assistant Professor Justin Boutilier and undergraduate student Katherine Breen
January 23, 2023

New program helps industrial engineering undergrads explore research

Over the course of three years spent working on the same research project, University of Wisconsin-Madison undergraduate Katherine Breen made a fundamental self-discovery that went beyond any data she’ll publish….

Grace Stanke with the HSX fusion experiment
December 16, 2022

Nuclear engineering student crowned Miss America 2023

When people meet University of Wisconsin-Madison senior Grace Stanke, they’re often surprised to learn she’s a nuclear engineer. She doesn’t fit the stereotypical image in a field where men far…

Industrial engineering students Greyson Wainwright, Josie Beres and Rayne Wolf work on a desktop hydroponics system.
December 2, 2022

New industrial engineering course puts design, manufacturing into students’ hands

University of Wisconsin-Madison industrial engineering students Rayne Wolf, Josie Beres and Greyson Wainwright huddle around a desktop hydroponic system, inspecting the growth of alfalfa, mung beans and soybeans. Later in…

James Swanke inspects a megawatt aviation motor
November 7, 2022

With NASA funding, multi-university team aims to get electric planes off the ground

In fall 2022, UW-Madison PhD student James Swanke spent several weeks at the NASA Electric Aircraft Testbed (NEAT) facility near Sandusky, Ohio, performing the final tests on a one- megawatt…

Kailee Buttice working in the lab
October 26, 2022

Partnering with industry and national labs, Couet aims to accelerate advances in clean energy technologies

When the Palo Alto Research Center was looking for a way to test how its new ceramic material would perform in the harsh, high-temperature environment of a concentrated solar power…

Matt Gebbie with students in his lab
October 17, 2022

In CBE, diversity, equity and inclusion is a community effort that’s paying off

At the beginning of each group meeting, the members of Conway Assistant Professor Matt Gebbie’s lab pause for a short researcher highlight to discuss a notable underrepresented or minority researcher…

Graduate students Veronica White and Carmen Haseltine
October 4, 2022

Graduate students work to bolster diversity in operations research

As a Black woman pursuing her undergraduate degree and now PhD in electrical engineering, Carmen Haseltine has seen and experienced plenty of the forces that dissuade aspiring scientists and engineers…

William Doniger
October 3, 2022

Cutting edge: How an internship led one student from the factory floor to a national lab

Lawnmower blades and molten-salt nuclear reactors have little in common. But for recent PhD graduate William Doniger (PhDMS&E ’22), who currently researches corrosion-resistant materials and electrochemical sensors for next-generation molten…

Joel Baraka and Anson Liow
September 29, 2022

A quest to learn: Baraka and Liow create educational African card game

Joel Baraka and Anson Liow’s newest game can take its players on an educational quest across the African continent. Baraka is working with his longtime friend and fellow civil and…

Group shot with Max Beal in Kenya
September 14, 2022

Analyzing an ‘Erie’ algae similarity with Kenya’s Kisumu Bay

When spring comes around, freeing Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin, from its annual deep freeze, environmental engineer Paul Block and his students study the season’s climate conditions to predict what…