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July 5, 2017

Arnold, Reed receive Romnes Faculty Fellowships

Written By: Ascedia -

Two professors in the College of Engineering are among the 11 promising young members of the UW–Madison faculty who have been honored with Romnes Faculty Fellowships.

Romnes awards recognize exceptional faculty members who have earned tenure within the last six years. The awards are supported by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF).

The award is named for the late H.I. Romnes, former chairman of the board of AT&T and former president of the WARF Board of Trustees.

The College of Engineering faculty who received 2017 Romnes Faculty Fellowships are:

  • Michael Arnold, associate professor of materials science and engineering, researches: longstanding challenges in the synthesis and integration of electronic nanomaterials (particularly semiconducting carbon nanotubes and graphene), with promise for extending Moore’s law; developing faster, more energy efficient computer chips; and creating higher-bandwidth cellular communication, Wi-Fi, and Internet of Things devices. Arnold teaches fundamental courses in materials transport phenomena and electronic properties of materials.
  • Jennifer Reed is an associate professor of chemical and biological engineering. Her studies focus on developing and applying systems biology approaches to study and engineer microbial metabolism for a variety of biotechnology applications. Reed teaches courses in modeling chemical processes and biological systems, as well as reactor design and kinetics. She also serves on the Committee on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities, the Equity and Diversity Committee for the College of Engineering, and the executive committee for the Wisconsin Energy Institute.