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Image of breast cancer cells
April 2, 2020

Kreeger, Masters collaboration on breast cancer cell invasion lands journal cover

Written By: Tom Ziemer


The journal Matrix Biology selected a paper from the labs of UW-Madison biomedical engineering faculty Pamela Kreeger and Kristyn Masters for the cover of a January 2020 special issue on matrix biomechanics.

In the paper, the researchers examined a mechanism that could explain why elevated breast cancer tumor stiffness corresponds to metastasis, or cancer spread. They demonstrated a way in which breast cancer tumor cells remodel the extracellular matrix to encourage invasion. Alumnus Anthony Berger (PhDBME ’18) was first author on the paper.

Kreeger is an associate professor of biomedical engineering and holds affiliations with the Department of Cell and Regenerative Biology and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the School of Medicine and Public Health.

Masters is a Vilas Distinguished Professor of biomedical engineering and a Romnes Faculty Fellow and is affiliated with the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the School of Medicine and Public Health’s Department of Medicine.

Kreeger and Masters are also both Carbone Cancer Center members.