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an enclosed bank of distributed computing equipment
May 3, 2018

UW-Madison joins research center addressing fundamental computing questions

Written By: Tom Ziemer

University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers are part of a national effort to improve the future of computing across hardware, software and applications.

UW-Madison is one of 12 universities in the Center for Research in Intelligent Storage and Processing in Memory (CRISP), which is led by the University of Virginia. CRISP is funded through a $27.5 million grant from the Semiconductor Research Corporation under its Joint University Microelectronics Program, a five-year, $200 million national initiative to tackle fundamental computing questions through six university-based research centers.

Three researchers are heading up the UW-Madison group: Kevin Eliceiri, director of the Laboratory for Optical and Computational Instrumentation in the Department of Biomedical Engineering; Jing Li, an assistant professor and Dugald C. Jackson Faculty Scholar in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; and Jignesh Patel, a professor in the Department of Computer Sciences in the College of Letters & Science.

UW-Madison will lead CRISP’s efforts to develop new data platforms and applications, as well as its overall data and imaging application themes.

The grant will also support nine graduate students and two postdoctoral researchers, allowing them to work on computing issues that cut across colleges and interact with major hardware vendors. The College of Engineering, College of Letters & Science and Morgridge Institute for Research all provided support for the grant proposal.