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As a first-year engineering student, you are going to experience a lot of transition and we are here to support you along the way. We offer you specialized advising and support to make sure you can be successful in your transition to college and in meeting degree requirements.

Your academic advisor will help you navigate:

Progression requirements

As a first-year student, you’ll need to meet certain academic requirements by the end of your first year so that you can continue in your engineering major. These are called progression requirements and include course and GPA requirements. Your advisors will work closely with you throughout your first year to help you understand and meet these standards.

Learn more about progression requirements.

Major exploration

Prior to applying for progression, we encourage you to think early and often about your academic and career goals. This includes exploring and affirming your intended engineering major, as well as establishing a parallel plan.  Your parallel plan might include pursuing an alternate engineering program in College of Engineering or another major at UW-Madison.

Regardless of your plans, your advisor can help you understand requirements for your parallel plan within College of Engineering or connect you with resources regarding admission and program requirements for majors outside College of Engineering.

Many paths often lead to the same end goal and your undergraduate education is about more than your major. Internships, undergraduate research, volunteering, and student organizations provide invaluable experience that will shape your career trajectory.

In addition to your academic advisor, there are many college and campus resources to support you as you explore majors:

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