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Chemical & Biological Engineering Research

Close up of material being heated with flame.

Catalysis, Surface Science and Reaction Engineering

We are developing new processes, methods and materials to sustainably produce fuels and chemicals, upcycle biomass, carbon dioxide, and plastic waste, advance the fundamental understanding of electrochemical and thermochemical interfaces, and enable energy storage technologies derived from safe, renewable materials with reduced environmental impact. These studies are guided by multiscale computational modeling to predict reaction outcomes and optimize process parameters. We also collaborate extensively with researchers in academia, industry, and at national laboratories.

Representative Topics

Heterogeneous catalysis, electrochemistry and electrocatalysis, biocatalysis, kinetics and mechanisms, synthesis, characterization.


Core faculty: Gebbie, Huber, Krishna, Mavrikakis, Pfleger, Root, Schreier

Affiliate faculty: Hermans, Schauer

Centers, Consortia and Institutes

Major research centers that collaborate with or include CBE faculty:

CBE-led centers: