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Civil & Environmental Engineering News

Joel Baraka and Anson Liow

A quest to learn: Baraka and Liow create educational African card game

Joel Baraka and Anson Liow his newest game can take its players on an educational quest across the African continent. Baraka is working with his longtime friend and fellow civil…

Group shot with Max Beal in Kenya

Analyzing an ‘Erie’ algae similarity with Kenya’s Kisumu Bay

When spring comes around, freeing Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin, from its annual deep freeze, environmental engineer Paul Block and his students study the season’s climate conditions to predict what…

Researchers working on geothermal exchanges at Epic Systems

Going underground to heat and cool top-level facilities

University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers are helping the U.S. government improve energy efficiency at an array of federal buildings. James Tinjum, an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering and director…

Sikai Chen

Focus on new faculty: Sikai Chen aims to drive safety, efficiency improvements with automated vehicles

When Sikai Chen thinks about “smart” connected driving in the world of tomorrow, three factors come to mind. Chen focuses his research on these three areas: connected and automated transportation,…

Mohan Qin and Haoran Wei work with Ziyan Wu (fore) as she pours water for testing

Investigating how microplastics travel through the Great Lakes and beyond

The thought of pollution tends to conjure images of some fairly tangible threats: tall stacks spewing dark smoke into the sky, smoggy cityscapes, beaches slicked with oil, animals stuck in…

Xiaopeng Li

Focus on new faculty: Xiaopeng Li looks to shape the future of automated vehicles

When Xiaopeng Li considers the potential smart vehicles could have on our world, he points to another, ubiquitous device: the smartphone. Smartphones took off after the launch of the iPhone…

iStock image of melting glass

Hopping atoms help predict how liquid silica cools into good glass

Despite millennia of glass making, the physics of what happens when silica sand is melted and cooled is still something of a mystery to researchers. Now, in a groundbreaking window…

Researcher Payam Hosseini working in lab

Building on a solid process, Wang pours resources into making carbon-negative cement

Year in and year out, cement production is one of the biggest contributors to humanity’s carbon emissions. Making portland cement, the most frequently used cement around the world and a…

CARLA open-source simulator screenshot

Through rain, snow and road construction, researchers across campus solve automated vehicle driving challenges

In the not-so-distant future, a city full of autonomous cars may have to weather a snowstorm. It’s a scenario that’s not unusual to places like Madison, but it presents a…

From left, Seunghyeon Jung, a biological systems engineering PhD student, discusses an idea with Rob Anex, professor of biological systems engineering, Bu Wang, an assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, and Keerthana Sreenivasan, a graduate student in civil and environmental engineering, in a lab at the Wisconsin Energy Institute at UW–Madison.

UW–Madison’s ultra-efficient carbon capture tech among top-60 in global XPRIZE challenge

For a planet increasingly ravaged by the effects of climate change, removing carbon from the atmosphere could be part of a desperately needed turn in the right direction. Innovators worldwide…