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Materials Science & Engineering About

Stronger. Faster. Lighter. Smaller. Better.

Materials scientists and engineers are pioneers: We discover new materials and take existing ones to new heights. Your success as a materials scientist or engineer is rooted in developing a fundamental understanding of our pioneering concepts.

Our fundamental concepts for the 21st century include the cutting-edge fundamentals: how physics, chemistry and thermodynamics dictate the structure of materials at the nano, micro and mesoscale; how the structure of material across these length scales determines its properties; and how to economically synthesize and process these materials to give them the best structures for the right properties to address a technological problem. Your understanding of our fundamental concepts will help you develop the materials of our future.

The toolkit of a 21st-century materials science engineer:

Materials scientists and engineers use an array of advanced tools and techniques in our quest for better materials. As a student at UW-Madison, you’ll have many opportunities to use some of the most advanced tools available today to materials scientists and engineers. They include:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The University of Wisconsin Madison Department of Materials Science and Engineering is enriched by the diversity of our community. We value diversity as a key component for promoting an intellectually stimulating, welcoming, and creative environment for all participants. We strive to create an equitable and inclusive environment, including in teaching, research, outreach, and professional activities. We seek to recruit and retain a diverse group of students, staff, and faculty. We recognize and celebrate diversity in many forms including gender identity, culture, background, experience, physical abilities, and perspectives in all aspects of our mission.

The Department joins the UW-Madison College of Engineering and the entire University of Wisconsin-Madison community in acknowledging the crucial role of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our mission. The statements of the UW-Madison College of Engineering and the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a whole further describe these goals.