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Materials Science & Engineering News

Daniel van der Weide and Marcos Martinez in lab
November 9, 2022

In a big twist, a tiny helix could improve satellite communications

Engineers at UW-Madison have developed a new, extremely small self-winding helix that may be easily mass produced and allow manufacturers to develop devices that can access unused sections of the…

October 31, 2022

UW-Madison a partner in $15 million effort to commercialize more university advances

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is among 14 Midwest universities to join the National Science Foundation Innovation Corps (I-Corps) network—a program designed to move more discoveries from research laboratories into the…

Kailee Buttice working in the lab
October 26, 2022

Partnering with industry and national labs, Couet aims to accelerate advances in clean energy technologies

When the Palo Alto Research Center was looking for a way to test how its new ceramic material would perform in the harsh, high-temperature environment of a concentrated solar power…

William Doniger
October 3, 2022

Cutting edge: How an internship led one student from the factory floor to a national lab

Lawnmower blades and molten-salt nuclear reactors have little in common. But for recent PhD graduate William Doniger (PhDMS&E ’22), who currently researches corrosion-resistant materials and electrochemical sensors for next-generation molten…

Fang Liu
August 23, 2022

Focus on new faculty: Fang Liu is designing batteries tough enough for big trucks

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, transportation is the source of more than a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions in the country. However, even if every passenger car…

Jian Liu testing new cathode material
August 4, 2022

From virtual to reality: Novel material identified by computers makes fuel cells more efficient

A team of University of Wisconsin-Madison materials scientists have shown that a material they discovered via advanced computational simulation can, in real life, improve the performance of electrodes in solid…

iStock image of melting glass
July 20, 2022

Hopping atoms help predict how liquid silica cools into good glass

Despite millennia of glass making, the physics of what happens when silica sand is melted and cooled is still something of a mystery to researchers. Now, in a groundbreaking window…

Jason Kawasaki in lab with PhD student Sebastian Manzo
July 18, 2022

The whole story: Promising thin film growth technique is the result of microscopic holes

Materials researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have revealed some of the atomic-scale mechanisms behind remote epitaxy, an emerging method for synthesizing extremely thin films and membranes—and the process is…

June 3, 2022

New technique is a big nano-step forward in fabricating the next generation of transistors

Using hydrocarbon seeds, materials engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a new method for making graphene nanoribbons. In the future, the technique may allow the industrial-scale fabrication of…

terahertz emitter being used for security screenings
May 27, 2022

New wave: Narrowband terahertz emitter could search for explosive materials in public spaces

Sometimes a breakthrough in fundamental research is placed on a shelf or filed away in a journal article until someone finds a practical use for it years or decades later….