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College of Engineering news

Bhuvana Krishnaswamy

Advanced sensor networks could help farmers micromanage their fields

In the future, farmers will be able to look at a tablet and see the nutrient, CO2 and moisture levels of every individual acre in their fields in real time….

WEMPEC students doing research

Journal dedicates issue to WEMPEC’s 40-year influence on electric machines and power electronics

The April 2022 issue of the IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium (WEMPEC)….

Carolyn Schaefer, a PhD student in engineering physics, works on the Pegasus-III fusion experiment

Progress on the path to fusion

New technologies and an influx of private investment are sparking developments in a field that seeks to realize a longstanding energy dream. The lithium in your laptop battery could be…

pancreatic cyst CT image

A closer look: Machine learning collaborations are helping to improve medical imaging

Data science and machine learning are becoming almost ubiquitous in many facets of our daily lives. Our healthcare is no exception—and among the areas where these algorithms are poised to…

Assistant Professor Kassem Fawaz and graduate student Yucheng Yang

Listen up: Video conferencing software may be ‘listening’ even if you’re muted

Recently, Kassem Fawaz’s brother was on a video conference with the microphone muted. Then he noticed that the microphone light was still on—indicating, inexplicably, that his microphone was being accessed….

UW Crest with engineering background

ECE alumnus Keith Nosbusch to receive honorary degree from UW-Madison

Keith Nosbusch (BSEE ’74), an alumnus of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, will receive an honorary degree at spring commencement in May, 2022 at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Nosbusch…


With NSF CAREER Award, Dominic Gross will improve renewable energy grid integration

Renewable energy is ramping up in a big way, with solar and wind power grabbing a larger and larger share of the electricity market each year. That is great news…

Chu Ma talking with one of her undergraduate researchers, Leena Abdullah Fayyad

Chu Ma has built a lab where undergraduate researchers can thrive

Chu Ma, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is a big advocate for getting undergraduates involved in research projects. That’s why half of…

UW Crest with engineering background

Alumni elected to National Academy of Engineering

Two alumni of the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering were elected as members of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) in February 2022. Election to the NAE is among…

Image of Grand Prix starting line

A ray of sunshine: Badgerloop team transitions to solar car competition

For over a century, engineers have dreamed of developing a vac-train, more recently called a hyperloop, in which a car or capsule zooms through a vacuum tube at high speeds…