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College of Engineering news

Graduate student Reid Milstead takes samples from a lake
November 30, 2022

Shining light on the sun’s role in lake carbon cycling

Lakes are home to reservoirs of organic matter that may ultimately move into the soil or the atmosphere. Christy Remucal, an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at UW-Madison,…

James Swanke inspects a megawatt aviation motor
November 7, 2022

With NASA funding, multi-university team aims to get electric planes off the ground

In fall 2022, UW-Madison PhD student James Swanke spent several weeks at the NASA Electric Aircraft Testbed (NEAT) facility near Sandusky, Ohio, performing the final tests on a one- megawatt…

Anya Wolterman, DJ Bustos, Ben Jahnke, and Samantha Kleich at a geothermal plant
October 26, 2022

Understanding the hidden stressors in geothermal plant operations

Geothermal plants can change the earth around them, and not just while they’re active. Such plants draw on heat in fractured underground reservoirs. They pump up heated water, which can…

UW Crest with engineering background
October 21, 2022

Understanding freshwater foam may help in fight against PFAS “forever chemicals”

The waters of Lake Monona slosh against the rocks that Summer Sherman is balanced on, soaking her shoes and legs as she leans forward with gloved hands to scoop handfuls…

plastic waste recycling iStock image
October 21, 2022

“Recyclopedia” will bring researchers up to speed on plastic waste recycling

A paper in the journal Green Chemistry led by postdoctoral researcher Houqian Li and George Huber, the Richard L. Antoine Professor in chemical and biological engineering at the University of…

Marcel Schreier working in the lab with student Alex Zielinski
October 18, 2022

Chemical Engineering Assistant Professor Marcel Schreier wins prestigious Packard Fellowship

Marcel Schreier, the Richard H. Soit Assistant Professor in chemical and biological engineering and affiliate faculty in chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who develops electrocatalytic pathways to transform chemicals…

Group shot with Max Beal in Kenya
September 14, 2022

Analyzing an ‘Erie’ algae similarity with Kenya’s Kisumu Bay

When spring comes around, freeing Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin, from its annual deep freeze, environmental engineer Paul Block and his students study the season’s climate conditions to predict what…

Researchers working on geothermal exchanges at Epic Systems
September 13, 2022

Going underground to heat and cool top-level facilities

University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers are helping the U.S. government improve energy efficiency at an array of federal buildings. James Tinjum, an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering and director…

Eric Kazyak
September 6, 2022

Focus on new faculty: Eric Kazyak, investigating interfaces to enable improved batteries

For society to transition from fossil fuels to renewable, but intermittent, energy sources such as wind and solar, there is a pressing need for new energy storage technologies that can…

Allison Mahvi
September 6, 2022

Focus on new faculty: Allison Mahvi, enabling new energy storage systems

When we think of energy storage, batteries typically come to mind. But Allison Mahvi envisions something bigger: the buildings in which we live and work. “Buildings can be a good…