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College of Engineering news

Grad student Anna Konstant examines a collaborative robot
October 4, 2023

When UW-Madison engineering ideas make their way across Wisconsin, everybody wins

Engineers play a critical role in solving challenges, whether they’re devising technology for the smart farms of the future, building fusion reactors to drive new sustainable energy possibilities, or creating…

Manish Singh
September 26, 2023

Focus on new faculty: Manish K. Singh is getting the power grid ready for a renewable future

Power grids across the world are in transition. As renewable energy makes up a larger and larger share of energy output, grids need to adapt. But it’s not as simple…

Students and postdoctoral fellows researching innovations in STRAP recycling
September 25, 2023

With innovation and determination, grad students drive new plastics recycling applications

Take a stroll through a grocery store and one thing is clear—almost everything, from meat and bread to produce and cookies—is packaged in some form of plastic. While those wrappers…

James Pikul
September 18, 2023

Focus on new faculty: James Pikul is redefining what we use to generate and store energy

A robot, hard at work, runs low on power. Instead of needing to be plugged in and waiting to recharge, the robot simply “eats” some nearby metal, which provides power…

Steven Loheide
September 11, 2023

Ask an expert: Loheide discusses drought

Steven Loheide is a professor of civil and environmental engineering who studies the interaction of hydrologic and ecological systems in the environment. He especially focuses on groundwater and how it…

Jinia Roy
September 7, 2023

Focus on new faculty: Jinia Roy is designing the next generation of power converters

Many people assume that electricity is just electricity. But it turns out, power is not one size fits all; laptops, EVs, industrial motors, MRI machines and toasters each have different…

Algae blooms
August 31, 2023

On manure diet, cyanobacteria is a balanced biofertilizer that can help keep phosphorous out of our lakes

In Madison, Wisconsin, May is typically a great time to experience the city’s four large lakes; while the air temperature warms up, the water is still relatively cool and clear,…

Stephanie Diem with grad students in the Pegasus-III lab
August 31, 2023

New Pegasus-III fusion experiment off to a flying start

After years of work that involved assembling about tens of thousands of components, construction of the new Pegasus-III fusion experiment at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is finished, and researchers have…

Professor George Huber and postdoctoral researcher Houqian Li working in lab
August 10, 2023

Revolutionary chemical recycling process adds big value to ‘junk’ plastic waste

Although many Americans dutifully deposit their plastic trash into the appropriate bins each week, much of that material, including flexible films, multilayer materials and a lot of colored plastics are…

Juliana Pacheco Duarte with undergrads Briunna Smith and Aria Murphy in the lab
August 4, 2023

Among nation’s elite, Duarte eyes machine learning to improve nuclear safety

Juliana Pacheco Duarte, an assistant professor in the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics at UW-Madison, has received a U.S. Department of Energy distinguished early career program award. Duarte…