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August 15, 2020

Recent journal issue honors Manos Mavrikakis

Written By: Jason Daley

 Manos Mavrikakis
Manos Mavrikakis

The August 2020 issue of the journal Topics in Catalysis is dedicated to Paul A. Elfers, James A. Dumesic, and Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor Manos Mavrikakis in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

The issue is entitled “Catalytic Encounters at the Molecular Level: In Honor of Manos Mavrikakis, recipient of the 2019 Gabor Somorjai Award for Creative Research in Catalysis.” Mavrikakis won the award last year at the 257th American Chemical Society Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

The issue includes papers from some of the most respected researchers in the field of catalysis, including several from UW-Madison, including Richard L. Antoine Professor George Huber, Conway Assistant Professor Reid Van Lehn, and Professor Emeritus James Dumesic.

In their preface to the issue, guest editors Ye Xu of Louisiana State University and Lars Grabow of the University of Houston note Mavrikakis’ impact on the field of catalysis. “His creative ideas and contributions are seen underlying many of the most active areas of catalysis research today,” they write. “His effort has been instrumental in establishing the credibility and predictive power of first principles calculations in catalysis research.”