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January 9, 2018

Senior design project with Greenheck inspires creativity

Written By: Adam Malecek


A team of University of Wisconsin-Madison mechanical engineering students participated in a unique kickoff event for their senior design project, thanks to the project’s sponsor, Greenheck Fan Corporation.

Greenheck invited the four students on the team to tour the company’s facility in Schofield, Wisconsin, in August 2017. Mike Cheadle, mechanical engineering senior design program coordinator, says the event was a great opportunity for the students to build their team, meet Greenheck employees and learn about the company’s impressive testing and manufacturing capabilities.

For their project, the students are working on the design of a new fan for Greenheck. They’re approaching the design from the perspective of developing an ideal fan, rather than a fan that is limited by current manufacturing methods.

“One thing I find very exciting about this project is there’s a lot of room for creativity,” says student Zach Self. “Our clients at Greenheck really stressed to us that there were no wrong answers, and they wanted us to be as questioning and curious as possible about the HVAC industry.”

Cheadle notes that Greenheck, as a dedicated partner for the senior design program, is providing a lot of engineering time for the students and will prototype whatever they come up with for their project.

He says Greenheck sees a lot of value in working with UW-Madison engineering students and participating in the design program. “Greenheck was interested in working with our students because they know our students are among the best in the country,” Cheadle says. “There is a lot of talent here, and they recognize that.”