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June 2, 2017

Wisconsin Sea Grant student wins IAGLR Best Poster Award

Written By: Marie Zhuikov

Nicholas Jordan, a master’s student in the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, was presented with the Best Student Poster Award at the International Association of Great Lakes Research Conference in Detroit in May 2017.

His poster was titled, “Coastal Bluff Evolution Adjacent to Shoreline Protection Structures in Lake Michigan.” It details work he completed with his advisor, Chin Wu, UW-Madison professor of civil and environmental engineering.

“Coastal erosion is a critical issue at the moment on Wisconsin’s Lake Michigan and Lake Superior shorelines,” said Jordan. “It’s an honor to receive this award, and this project has benefited enormously from the insights of Dave Mickelson at UW-Madison, Gene Clark with Wisconsin Sea Grant, the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program, and from many labmates who helped with fieldwork. None of our coastal research projects could happen without all that behind-the-scenes support.”

“Nick’s poster stood out from hundreds of posters,” said Wu. “It insightfully pinpointed the important role of structures on adjacent coastal evolution. During the conference, many people spoke highly about this work, which was funded by UW-Sea Grant.”

Jordan shared the best student poster award with Celeste Irambona, a student from Canada who worked on a different project. The award was announced at the IAGLR 2016 conference but was presented on May 18, 2017.