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March 6, 2018

Dale Rudd, former CBE professor, passes away at 83

Written By: Sam Million-Weaver

Dale Rudd, who was the Donald C. Slichter Professor of Engineering Research in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, died on February 16, 2018, his family announced in an obituary. Rudd’s pioneering work in the field of process engineering earned him numerous honors including a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Byron Bird Award for Excellence in Research Publication, and election to the National Academy of Sciences. He also contributed to several seminal publications, including the first textbook for process engineering, which he co-authored with Charles C. Watson in 1968. Rudd’s final years were spent in Seattle, Washington, where friends and neighbors knew him as a friendly man with a dry sense of humor who enjoyed spending time with his family and strolling along the shoreline of Puget Sound. He is survived by his wife, Sandra, and two children, Karen and David.