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Photo of Aaron Day
February 4, 2020

ECE graduate student Aaron Day wins IEEE student paper contest

Written By: Ascedia -

Electrical and Computer Engineering PhD student Aaron Day won the student paper contest at the IEEE Radio & Wireless Week Conference held the last week of January, 2020, in San Antonio, Texas.

The paper, entitled “Millimeter-wave thickness-deviation measurement system,” was chosen as one of 19 finalists prior to the conference. At the meeting, Day presented an oral elevator pitch and poster to a panel of judges who selected his work as the winner of the competition.

Co-authors include research associate Matthew Dwyer and professor Dan van der Weide who collaborate with Day in the van der Weide Group.

The prize not only comes with a financial package, but also includes an invitation to write an article for IEEE MTT-S Microwave Magazine.

“It’s is an incredible honor to be recognized by IEEE for my recent efforts,” says Day. “It has been such a pleasure being able to collaborate with Matthew Dwyer and Dan van der Weide on developing novel millimeter-wave systems for imaging and measurement—to be acknowledged for our work is all the more encouraging and exciting.”