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Jun Li & Corey Carlos
October 27, 2021

MS&E graduate students win American Ceramic Society awards

Written By: Webmanager

Jun Li

Two PhD students in the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Materials Science and Engineering recently received awards at the 2021 Materials Science & Technology conference held in October in Columbus, Ohio. Both work in the lab of MS&E Professor Xudong Wang.

Jun Li earned the Outstanding Student Researcher Award from the Energy Materials and Systems Division of the American Ceramic Society. Graduate and undergraduate students actively engaged in research related to energy materials and systems are eligible for the award. The winner is invited to present an Outstanding Student Researcher lecture at the Materials Science & Technology conference.

Corey Carlos

Corey Carlos received one of three Diamond Awards, the top prize in the Graduate Excellence in Materials Science awards presented by the American Ceramic Society. Winners were selected based on a summary of their academic and research accomplishments as well as the evaluation of an oral presentation at the conference.