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The University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering is thrilled to welcome 18 new faculty members during the 2023-24 academic year.

They come from all over the world, bringing a variety of personal and professional experiences that will enrich our Badger engineering community. In particular, these strategic hires strengthen the college’s research in robotics, energy systems, and next-generation computing, while also adding expertise in fundamental areas such as materials.

Our new faculty members are:

  • Assistant Professor Yunus Alapan (mechanical engineering), who develops bioinspired and soft microrobots and systems for healthcare
  • Professor Randy Bartels (biomedical engineering), who develops new imaging technology
  • Assistant Professor Joshua Brockman (biomedical engineering), whose work bridges mechanobiology and immunotherapy
  • Assistant Professor Grigoris Chrysos (electrical and computer engineering), who’s improving the reliability of machine learning
  • Assistant Professor Quentin Dudley (chemical and biological engineering), who engineers plants to produce useful biomolecules
  • Assistant Professor Tsung-Wei Huang (electrical and computer engineering), who creates software systems to simplify high-performance computing
  • Assistant Professor Akhilesh Jaiswal (electrical and computer engineering), who’s exploring new computing paradigms
  • Assistant Professor Sebastian Kube (materials science and engineering), who studies metallic glasses and other alloys
  • Professor Ranjana Mehta (industrial and systems engineering), who works in neuroergonomics
  • Associate Professor James Pikul (mechanical engineering), who’s working on unique energy storage solutions, energy conversion and robots
  • Associate Professor Yuan Ping (materials science and engineering), who works on the theory behind quantum materials
  • Assistant Professor Jinia Roy (electrical and computer engineering), who studies power conversion
  • Assistant Professor Manish Singh (electrical and computer engineering), whose work on optimization and control algorithms and theory will boost the power grid’s transition to clean energy
  • Assistant Professor Haihan Sun (electrical and computer engineering), who’s developing improved ground-penetrating radar systems
  • Assistant Professor Wei Wang (mechanical engineering), who designs autonomous vehicles and robots in different environments
  • Assistant Professor Adelle Wright (nuclear engineering and engineering physics), who studies plasma theory and simulation to inform fusion devices
  • Assistant Professor Feng Ye (electrical and computer engineering), who specializes in wireless communications networks
  • Assistant Professor Lei Zhou (mechanical engineering, electrical and computer engineering), who designs mechatronics systems that could boost semiconductor manufacturing and robotics