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December 21, 2023

Highlights from 2023, a year of innovation and impact

Written By: Adam Malecek

For the UW-Madison College of Engineering, 2023 was a year full of extraordinary achievements and tremendous growth.

We advanced scientific knowledge on many fronts, improved the quality of people’s lives through our engineering expertise and leadership, and delivered meaningful hands-on educational experiences to prepare our students for success.

Here are some of our top stories from 2023.

College of Engineering in the news

Our faculty members routinely share their expertise with journalists and the public. Among the hundreds of news outlets that featured us in 2023 were the following:

Washington Post: how we can know if our drinking water is safe from PFAS

Civil and Environmental Engineering Associate Professor Christy Renucal

Fox News: How radar tracks foreign objects

Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Nader Bedhad

New York Times: Information used to guide infrastructure decisions

Civil and Environmental Engineering Associate Professor Daniel Wright

Popular Mechanics: How fuel stabilizers can help gas last longer

Associate Dean for Research David Rothamer

The Week: How chemical recycling process works

Chemical and Biological Engineering Professor George Huber

The Hill: Focus on data literacy for tomorrow’s workforce

Industrial and Systems Engineering Professor Laura Albert

CNBC: Buried power lines to prevent wildfires

Electrical and Computer Engineering Associate Professor Line Roald

Washington Post: Impact of single-use coffee pods on the environment

Civil and Environmental Engineering Associate Professor Andrea Hicks

Inverse: Tokamaks—real-world reactors that inspired the fusion device at the heart of Tony Stark’s suit

Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics Associate Professor Stephanie Diem