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March 31, 2021

Journals select UW-Madison engineering research for covers

Written By: Adam Malecek

Image of Machine Tools and Manufacture cover

Several journals have recently featured research advances by University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers on their covers.

The editors of each journal invited the UW-Madison engineering faculty to submit cover illustrations based on the exceptional quality of their research papers.

The recent journal covers include:

Image of Ludwig journal cover

Charles Ringrose Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Lianyi Chen’s paper, “Direct observation of pore formation mechanisms during LPBF additive manufacturing process and high energy density laser welding,” was featured on the cover of the November 2020 issue of the International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture based on the scientific merit and high level of interest in the work. Chen, who is also a Grainger Institute for Engineering Fellow, notes that this journal cover is highly selective, with the journal selecting only four covers per year.

Biomedical Engineering Associate Professor Kip Ludwig’s paper, “An injectable neural stimulation electrode made from an in‐body curing polymer/metal composite,” was selected for the inside cover of the Dec. 5, 2019, issue of Advanced Healthcare Materials through a competition.

Image of Huber journal cover

Richard L. Antoine Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering George Huber’s paper, “The chemistry and kinetics of polyethylene poyrolysis: A process to produce fuels and chemicals,” was featured on the cover of the July 2020 issue of ChemSusChem.

Image of Pan journal cover

Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor Wenxiao Pan’s paper, “Data-driven coarse-grained modeling of polymers in solution with structural and dynamic properties conserved,” was featured on the cover of Sept. 29, 2020, issue of the journal Soft Matter.

Each of the winning covers was designed by Xin (Zoe) Zou, a graphic designer at the UW-Madison Grainger Institute for Engineering, in consultation with the principal investigators. Graphics service for journal covers is available to all UW-Madison engineering faculty through the Grainger Institute for Engineering.