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March 23, 2018

UW-Madison team wins third place in 2018 Clean Snowmobile Challenge

Written By: Adam Malecek


A team of University of Wisconsin-Madison engineering students won third place overall in the highly competitive gasoline category at the 2018 SAE International Clean Snowmobile Challenge. The Society of Automotive Engineers competition, held at the Michigan Technological University Keweenaw Research Center March 5 through 10, challenges students to re-engineer a conventional snowmobile to make it exceptionally clean and quiet while maintaining performance and controlling costs. The teams and their modified snowmobiles compete in a variety of tests ranging from an endurance run to oral presentations to exhaust emissions measurements. In this year’s competition, the snowmobiles were powered by a special gasoline or diesel mix. The UW-Madison team also won awards in the gasoline category for best performance, best lab emissions and best design.